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In the vibrant heart of London, lies the main office of Optimo Vitality, a leading name in the Digital Marketing industry. Yet, our operational footprint goes beyond these geographical boundaries. With an open and inclusive approach, we believe in harnessing global talent. We understand and value the unique perspectives that international remote workers bring to our team. Our culture of flexibility and recognition fosters an environment where you can thrive, no matter where in the world you are.

We invite you to take the initiative and step into a world of possibilities with us. Submit your CV via our online form and let us know how you envision contributing to this dynamic industry. We meticulously review every application, ensuring that each candidate is given due consideration. If a suitable vacancy aligns with your skill set and ambition, we will be delighted to get in touch. Join us at Optimo Vitality, where your professional journey transcends borders and your talent receives the recognition it deserves. Your opportunity awaits; seize it today.

SEO & Digital Marketing Internship Program
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Opportunities at OptiMo Vitality

Job, Career and Internship Opportunities at OptiMo Vitality

The internship role:

You will be assisting the Digital Marketing expert and will have the opportunity to learn and develop your skills:

  • Copywriting
  • Market research
  • Running and maintaining a website
  • Different aspects of Digital Marketing
  • Training on maintaining international websites

Due to international clients and difference in time zones, you will be required to work in the evenings. We can also make the working hours a little more flexible for the right candidate. This is a perfect opportunity for those looking for first time work as no previous experience is required or those seeking to work in the evening while studying.


  • A good communicator (both written and verbally)
  • Willing to learn MS Office applications including Word, Excel and PowerPoint
  • Being proactive, positive and organised individual
  • Able to prioritise efficiently
  • Willing and keen to learn

The skills you will learn and develop will give you a head start into various career progression routes including being able to work for some of the UK’s leading brands and marketing companies.

You will be offered:

  • Full support and ongoing training
  • Flexible working patterns to fit your needs
  • Helping you build in Digital Marketing through hands-on training
  • Gym membership
  • Fully paid
Pathway to a Digital Career

Unravelling SEO: Your Pathway to a Digital Career

Are you an ambitious student or recent graduate ready to leap into the digital world? If yes, understanding SEO, or Search Engine Optimisation, is your first stepping stone. So, what exactly is SEO? As per numerous resources, including Moz1 and SEMRush2, SEO is a strategic practice aimed at enhancing a website's visibility and ranking on search engine results pages. It entails tactics such as keyword research, content optimisation and link building, all designed to bolster a site's relevance and authority.

Imagine this: the higher a website ranks in search results, the more attention it garners from users. This elevated visibility can lead to increased traffic, improved engagement, and potentially, a rise in conversions or sales. For any business striving to make its mark online, mastering SEO is a critical necessity.

Seize Your Future with SEO Internship Opportunities

If you're eager to dive into a vibrant and rewarding career, an SEO internship could be the launchpad you need. SEO internships offer a golden opportunity to gain hands-on experience in this crucial component of digital marketing. As an SEO intern, your job description will include conducting keyword research, assisting with on-page optimisation, and contributing to link-building strategies3.

By undertaking these diverse SEO internship duties, you'll acquire a comprehensive understanding of the field. This experience will equip you with the necessary SEO internship skills to excel in the digital landscape.

Diving into Digital Marketing: Broaden Your Horizons

Digital marketing is another key pillar in the realm of online business success. It encompasses all marketing efforts utilising digital channels to connect with customers. From social media campaigns to email newsletters, digital marketing strategies aim to reach audiences in a targeted, personalised, and cost-effective manner.

Explore Digital Marketing Internship Opportunities

For those looking to expand their career prospects further, digital marketing internships offer a wealth of opportunities. As a digital marketing intern, your job description might include creating engaging content, analysing campaign performance, and developing social media strategies.

The digital marketing intern duties you undertake during your internship will provide you with vital industry experience, helping you to hone your digital marketing internship skills. From learning about SEO to mastering social media strategy, the digital marketing intern training you'll receive will prepare you for a successful career in this fast-paced industry.

Whether you're exploring SEO or digital marketing internships, remember that the knowledge and experience you gain could be instrumental in shaping your digital career. So why wait? Embrace these opportunities today and embark on your journey to a promising digital future.